Thursday, August 28, 2008

A differnet brand pt3

He bent to help her with her boots and she gave him a smile, not saying much about the pain which had begun to bother her again. She was most concerned with letting the other girl's have the medical supplies she'd stolen for them. They didn't have the same healing ability that she did, though it didn't erase her pain or wounds instantly. Rase had seen her slip and she sighed, reaching with a wince to start taking off the party outfit which was becoming uncomfortable. She wanted something softer or nothing at all against the bruises and scrapes she'd hidden from him thus far. Her fingers reached to brush over his cheek after she'd loosened her top a bit and she smiled. "Thank you." Her toes flexed and curled now that they were free of the boots.

"No need to thank me, just don't pass out on me or I can't help you any more than this," he said, pushing the boots out of the way and watching her start to undo the rest. "If you want me to turn around you'll have to tell me. I'm a little dense sometimes," he winked, not embarrassed.

She slowly pulled the top free of her arms and let it fall to the side. A small smile played over her lips. "Let me know when I'm supposed to make you turn around.. this is new to me.. you could hand me those boxers and tank top.. please?" She pointed to the discarded garments she'd worn the day before.

He was curious about the garments she asked for and fumbled around with them a little as he handed them to her. "Sorry, not every girl wears boxers. Did he put up a good fight for them?"

"Who?" Her eyebrow arched up and then she shrugged with a soft chuckle. "I don't know I pulled them off a rack at the second hand store in sector 8." Her eyes passed over him and then she pouted a little.

He laughed as she did. "Sorry," he raised an eyebrow as he found himself surprised at his own jealousy and chuckled more. "I'll just... ," he motioned a circle and turned himself around before sticking his foot in his mouth any deeper. "Sector 8's a tough place for a casual shopping trip. Must have been on your way?"

"Had a line on some good ink.. I made a special trip to do some bartering. .. So yeah it was on the way." She chuckled again, shaking her head as she slipped off her skirt and replaced it with the boxers. "Okay." She let him know it was okay to turn around as she pulled the tank top down over her torso. She was eyeing him with a mischievous smile. "If I wanted yours.. would you put up a fight?"

He turned back around to see her lounging more casually and the eyebrow shot up again. "Only if you wanted me to. I've got this whip..," he said, pointing a thumb to the general direction where he'd left his bag, though the way he approached her didn't have anything to do with 'that' whip. "Or I could just give in."

"I'm too tired and sore to fight.. though I'm sure I'd could give you a run." She smiled, patting the bed beside her though he was approaching her anyway. "You could just be nice and give me anything I want.. starting with a kiss.." She reached to gently hook him with one toned leg being careful of the few tender marks on it.

"Mercy, please," he teased, giving in to her demand as he fell into that grasp. What had started on the train was far from finished and never would be completely as far as he was concerned. "Not sure I have the right kind of ink to get you high."

"Funny.. I was thinking you might have exactly what I need." Her arms reached up to wrap around him, bringing him down toward the kiss she desired. "I may have to sample what you have before I can answer that for certain.. it may take me a very long time.. I hope that won't be a problem?" She gave him a pouty look with a bat of her lashes that made her look adorable and sexy all at once.

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