Sunday, November 16, 2008

A post!

So the last time I posted was almost two weeks ago, I did the blog slacking thing again. Not as bad this time though, at least it wasn't two months. (Think positive, think positive..) Right now I am so tired I can't think straight and my mind keeps wandering off, and it's only a little after 3pm! Alright I can't concentrate to really write anything that isn't nonsence here so.. I'll just show off a tag I made yesterday and was trying to figure out where to offer if I offer it..

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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Tag Group :)

Tripp and I have started our own tagging group on yahoo.. Tripp came up with a catchy name for it and I made some banners. Woot!

Once we have 10 members the offers will start rolling out, there are already some lined up including at least two exclusive tags!

To see some examples of the tags we've made and what is coming up for offer, please check out our tag blog here: Lovely Tripp N Tags

Thank you

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Revamped and New

This first tag is one I had made back when I first started tagging and it wasn't horrible but when I was going through my blanks folder it caught my eye and I opened the file. Well long story short I played around with it and made a few tweaks, I was happier with the second try of this tag.
Beautiful Sin

This tag is a new one I made today for the celeb psp group I am in. The red and black is all Tripp's fault, lol!


I'm back after watching the results of the election and the speeches from both canidates. I won't talk politics cause that's never a good thing, just mentioning it in passing that I do keep up on the important things now and then. My computer is like my one hobby, whether it's making tags or writing or music.. sometimes it seems like I live here. Every now and then I have to venture out into the real world lol!
Alright, so back to the computer stuff - after all that is what I came to post about. I made two more tags tonight - both have a nice warm -brown-red feel to them. They were made for two different challenges in a psp group I'm in. I'm starting to get tired so I'll get on with the tags before I start to ramble too much.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A couple of tags

Here are a couple of tags I made, one yesterday and one today. Both were for challenges in the celeb psp group I belong to. Today has been kind of a quiet day in psp the focus is on the all important voting that has been happening across the country. Where we are that's all done and now I'm just here trying to snap out of the several day long 'fog' I've been in.

This first one is sort of nice and girly - feminine for the celeb used is a lady.. makes sense to me.

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The second one is blue and hey it's a guy in the tag! Woah.. hah! Okay sarcasm aside, he's one of my big celeb crushes.

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Winter Hat

Here is a tag I made late last night, I was debating on how/where to offer it and I have decided that I will be making this my first exclusive to Lovely Tripp N Tags :) Once we get a few members in the group and get the offers rolling.. this one will be sent there. Yay for tags, lol!

Yay for members - we got our first one today, I'm so excited!

anyway, here is the tag...


A new tag I just finished making. Been playing in psp for awhile and chucked a few tags I started and then I came across the tube of this gal. I started a new tag and this one came together pretty well.


Monday, November 3, 2008


When I posted earlier I said how I felt off yesterday and how I wasn't too happy with the tags I'd made.. Well I just finished making a tag - and surprise surprise, I'm actually posting it! Will wonders never cease? Anyway the tag, it's got a winter and blue theme going on, I made it for characters in an rp I do. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, but I haven't decided if I'm going to offer this one to any of the groups I'm in.. it may be exclusive for these characters. It fit two sets of characters in two seperate stories, so I made one for each, one for myself and the other writer.

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Tag and run

Just coming in quick with a couple tags I made last night. I felt a bit off yesterday and in one way I like the tags but in another I'm kind of 'eh' about them. That tends to happen when I'm feeling tired - I get fussy. So without further ado.. tags!

looking at the now, there is nothing wrong with them, they are decent tags, but I guess maybe not as 'sharp' looking as the ones I did the day before. That darn fussy brain of mine!

Autumn feel.. ?

Here is a background that I made recently, it was used on my RP website for awhile as part of the autumn theme. I have just changed the site to a blue and wintery kind of theme. I wanted to share this autumn-ish background for anyone who might like to use it for their website or even a blog if it will work for them. anyway - here it is.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hott off the psp!

I'm tired again today. I woke up weird groggy after several starts and stops at getting to sleep :( I started work on a blog for tags with a friend of mine and a tag request group on Yahoo.. kinda busy day but not feeling like I've done much.. anyway here is a new tag I just finished making a short time ago.

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Still tired, still up and one more tag..

Basically the title says it all, lol! It's true, I'm still tired yet here I am, still up. It's like I'm allergic to going to bed or sleep.. something. I should have gone but I just toss and turn so instead I sit here on my computer.. I did do at least something while sitting here tonight - which is something I do often but don't post.. did you guess what it was? Made a tag.. Alot of the time I'm here and I'll stay up making tags and stuff and then never wander myself over here to ramble and post. It doesn't seem like it should be so hard to do, but as one of my friends likes to say about themselves - I struggle. Anyhow.. here is the tag I finished making a short time ago.. and I may actually go to bed now!

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Tired and tags - yay!

Not alot to say today. I hardly slept last night, just a couple hours if that so I have been struggling to focus all day and typos galore in everything! Of course I couldn't take a nap due to the animals being hyper and the kid who has halloween candy lol! I did manage to do a few things.. made some new tags for the challenges in the celeb psp group I'm in.

First one here is sort of simple, it was a quickie tag.

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Then there is this one - which I though came out pretty :)

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and woah - this one, which is like bright and 'scary' and pink!!

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look it's another tag - this one is rrrrrrrrred! it's sort of inspired due to my friend making some red tags and then my creative muse was like ooo ooo red! So yeah.. here's the tag..

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