Thursday, November 26, 2009


A couple of the ladies I CT for asked us to post ads.. so here they are :)

Link to her store at Pretty Scrappy

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Link to Country Hollow Scraps:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog Background :)

I made a blog background last night. I did not make a header with this one.. maybe I will later but I have been wicked tired the past few days and my birthday is this weekend. I want to have some energy to enjoy that. My husband and I are going to his mom's tomorrow for thanksgiving - wooo turkey lol! Anyway.. on to the layout :) I made this using the awesome tagger size kit - The Saga: Bad Vamps by Cora's Creations.

The preview is below and you can download it here:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 tuts and a blog layout

I have been one busy bee the last couple of days, I managed to write up two tuts and make a blog layout.. I'm not sure I was awake for it all but I did it lol! Thank you to J.W. who recently gave me a compliment and boosted my mojo with her kind words. I also need to give a big hug and a thank you to Tripp who is always there to listen to me when I need to vent or just whine and is always there for me. You really are so much more than just my best friend. **hugs**

So done with the mush and on with the nonmush, hehe! Here are the previews and links to all that stuff I made :)

Blog layout called Wisdom:

This one has a matching header for you to customize for use on your blog. I used a scrapkit called Contentment from Sugar Kissed Scraps. There is a preview of the layout below and it can be dowloaded here:

First tut called Waiting:

Second tut called: HH2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Tag - Love Story :)

Popping in quick to post up a tag I made earlier tonight, before I forget again - If my head wasn't attached.. Yeah I would forget it somewhere! So.. the tag I am here to post since I'm tired and words are not my friend right now.. I made this one using a scrapkit called Heartless by Naughty Creations. The kit is based on Bella and Edward of Twilight, so something cool for all you fans out there. But also for those who are not fans you can easily make a non-twilight tag.

Tut - Cool Santa

I have a new tut - I wrote the other day and forgot to link from here.. heh (wander, wander.. lalala!) Anyway, I used a scrapkit called Mele Kalikimaka from Cora's Creations. A sample tag is below and here is the link to the tut:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aarr Blog!

I have another blog layout for you :) I couldn't resist the little pirates! hehehe. This layout includes a blank header for you to personalize. I made this one with a kit called AAAARRRR Lady by Jens Sweet Temptaions.

There is a preview of the layout below and you can download here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

More with Frosted Kiss

I have another blog layout done, I did two versions of this one. One is 'plain' and the other has a few more elements used to 'fancy it up' a little. I couldn't decide which way I like it best so I'm offering both out. I made these using a kit called Frosted Kiss by The Urban Fairy.

Preview of version 1 below and you can download it here:
leave some luv if you dl - thanks :)

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Preview of version 2 below and you can download it here:
leave some luv if you dl - thanks :)

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Layout - Frosted Kiss

I'm having plenty of fun making blog layout this week.. getting my mojo kicked into gear again.. woohoo for that. Thanks to all the ladies I ct for, for giving me such fun kits to play with. I have another blog layout done, this one is using a kit called Frosted Kiss by The Urban Fairy.

Preview of layout below and you can download it here:
leave some luv if you dl - thanks :)

Oooo a layout and quick page!

Yeah that's right I rock... hahaha!! Okay I can nicely put together the awesome pieces from scrapkits.. I am a good assembler. Anyway I have made a layout and a quick page from that layout. I hope some of you like and can use it :) I made this page using a scrapkit called Autumn has arrived by Wilma4ever. The kit is available for purchase at Glam and Glitter.

preview is below and you can download qp here:
please leave some love if you dl :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another New Blog Layout - Jolly

Hey all I am back with another blog layout made with a kit from HezaScraps called Holly Jolly.. ohhh yeah we're getting ready for the season. My husband (the special elf) is very excited and has already been driving me crazy with it, lol! Anyway cool, cute, holiday kit.. made a festive layout with it.. enjoy!!
Preview is below and you can dowload the layout here:

An Award!

I'm quite late at getting this but thank you Amanda for this award :)

Here are the rules:
1. The winner show award image on blog
2. Link to the person who has given the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Leave a message to the blogs you have chosen so they know they have an award.

Here are my 7 blogs:
HezaScraps & Tags
The Urban Fairy
The DEA Files
A Blonde Moment
Gothic Inspirations
Kyte's Place

New Blog Layout - Bon Temps

Woot, I felt a little creative spurt tonight and made a blog layout. I haven't been making them very much lately and I forgot how much I enjoy it. I've been more busy with trying to do scrap pages and tags when I have time for psp. The blog layout felt good and just might spark a couple more before I'm done.. hehe! For this layout i used a kit called Bon Temps Magnolia by HezaScraps.

Preview of layout is below and you can download it here:

Hosted on Fotki

New tags!

If my head wasn't attached I would forget it lol! I made these tags last night and as always wandered off before posting them. Basically they are two versions of one tag, one I wanted to use for a contest and the other because I was torn between the two tubes and well I decided to use both. I used a scrapkit called Leather N Lace by Naughty Creations. Let me tell ya, this kit was alot of fun to play.. I mean work with lol!!

version 1

version 2

Monday, November 9, 2009


That last post took me awhile to finish, I wandered off in the middle of it - distracted by other things as usual. I was also working on a layout at the same time, I really need to learn to do one thing at a time. That probably wont happen anytime soon! So anyway I was playing around in my psp while I was supposed to be posting and I ended up making this layout, after I get this posted, I think maybe I'll go to bed. I made this using a scrapkit called A Shabby Christmas by Gemini Creationz.

Here is a tag I created using this scrapkit:

Tag - Winter Romance

We had dinner with my mother in law tonight so I was 'late' getting into my psp for my usual nightly session. It helps me relax and it's something I have found that I can use as a healthy outlet for my emotions. Not that I really had anything to let out tonight, today was a pleasant day. I made a layout earlier that I posted to my scrapbook galleries and I finished a tag a short time ago, I'm uploading it for my always list right now. Getting into the spirit of the winter season this tag is sort of meloncholy and done in shades of blue.. I used a scrapkit called Winter Romance by Naughtys Creations.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Found - New Tag :)

Wow.. so I have been sitting here with this window open for like.. ohh 2 hrs? Yeah, story of my life - wheeeee! Distracty-ville.. this is where I live and when I'm a little tired I tend to wander off it thoughts and to other things, while trying to do many things at once. I usually don't get much of anything done when I am like this. Like right now for example, I am trying to make a tag, trying to post one here, checking my email, and cooking dinner.. yeah good luck with that, huh? I may get this post done eventually, lol. Actually you'll be glad to know I'm almost done rambling.

My whole reason for posting was to show off a tag I made the other night, I got distracted (as usual) that night and never made it here to post the tag.. if I had a dime for everytime I wandered - I'd be burried in them! Alright so on with the tag - woot! I made this one using a scrapkit called Heartless by Naughty Creations. The tag was inspired by a set of characters Tripp and I write in our rp stories. And below you will find the tag.. I really like how it turned out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Surprise - a new tag!

I know.. shocking! hahaha! I'm still a little tired and run down but I feel much more like myself and like I am finally getting over the worst. It helps that me and the hubby are not fighting constantly.. which we were for a couple of weeks and that sort of drove me into the 'funk' I couldn't shake. It happens when people get stressed and we've worked out the issues - compromise is good :) Anyhow I have been creating more and feeling better.. and I'm popping in to show of a tag I made last night. I got distracted by other stuff and never made it here to show it off - bad girl! (lol) So this one was made with a kit called I Love Goth by Naughty Creations. Well the kit had lots of pink and I love pink! The tube seemed to go so perfect with this kit, it sort of made itself :)