Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Odd Wind

July 16, 1740
The Opal

After the morning's incident with Samuel and his dung caked thanks, the day had gone smoothly.. well for the captain it had, for Sam it was every undesireable job that could be found, including mucking out the very hold he'd spent the night in. The crew teased him of course, throughout the day and into the evening while he went about his chores. The young man was sure to be sore by the end of it and hungry for his evening meal which he'd not be sharing with the capatain tonight.

The early evening as the sunset was fading on the horizon and odd wind blew seeming from nowhere across the deck of the ship. Treasure turned as she felt it, her expression contemplating what this was warning of or what it would bring with it. "The winds of change are blowing.." She murmured, tucking her hat more tightly over her firey locks. "Keep a careful watch this evening.." She warned her man before giving a last look at the horizon and moving off to her cabin for her evening meal.

She ate her meal alone and one of the crew would be sent to clear it away, she had no cabin boy at the moment. There were not enough crew to spare one for such a job, but perhaps one day soon she'd be able to have such an indulgance. Some captains kept themselves a small harem for thier amusements.. she just wanted someone to clear away the dishes and well keep her company. Many captains rambled to their cabin boys when they couldn't talk to the rest of the crew. Wouldn't that be nice. Treasure sighed, sipping some rum as she waited for the crewman to come clear her dinner away.

She propped her feet up on the table, deep in thought but aware of what went on around her. The knock didn't startle her and she called out. "Enter!" To whomever had been sent to clean up, she assumed that's all it was since the knock was not urgent, preceeded or followed by shouting.

A crewman came in to clear her plate and he spoke to her though she wasn't paying attention to him. He asked if everything was alright.. "Hmm?" She turned her gaze toward him as he gathered the dishes and serving tray. "Oh, yes. Of course it is." As the captain she needed to appear knowing and in control even if things were not clear.

Her own thoughts troubled her and again the crew person spoke to her, commenting now on what was in her thoughts though he could not know them, something odd in the wind.. She didn't wear alot of jewelry but she had a small medallion and some beads on a cord around her neck, her fingers rubbed over them as her gaze went to the 'window'. She was nodding, her expression thoughtful again, it was familiar to her but she couldn't place how yet. "The wind.. as untameable as the sea." She murmured quietly. "Winds of change.. could be something coming."

He asked if there was anything else she needed.. She waved her hand to dimiss him and his question, but answered him softly. "No.. I don't need anything." That was such a lie, there were so many things she needed but didnt ask for. Loyalty, true friendship.. things she'd likely never find, keeping herself so guarded all the time. "You have first watch tonight. Be sure to get some rest after... in the crew bunks. Tomorrow is apt to be another long day."

The first watch went by without incident, the captain came out of her cabin once to check on things and once to fetch a bottle of rum, but otherwise was unseen this evening. The men chatted amoung themselves, making rounds but generally sitting or standing about.

The next set on watch came up and relieved the other sailors, allowing them to go below deck and rest as the new watch started. A touch of fog had started to roll over the sea and the ship giving it a bit of an eerie feel.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leave her for scrap

September 17, 2008

Al had been left with a task, her instructions clear and precise and the punishment for disappointing her father was also quite clear.. it wasn't allowed. There could be no mistakes, no room for error, yet he'd gone to pursue a larger ship and left her there to claim this haul. Al played the role of obedient and loyal son well, even to her father's crew she was known as his son. Her hair always pulled back in a braid and kept under a hood, she'd only recently been allowed to grow it out. It was her reward for an abundant haul she'd secured for her father, it had pleased him enough to allow her to have hair. Her face was always kept covered in a hood or sometimes a mask, the story was that 'he'd' been burned and thus hid 'his' face, the truth was that she was a girl rather than a boy and her father didn't want that known, sometimes she believed he truly wished she was his son instead of his daughter. But none of that mattered as she knelt in the engine room, the panel removed in front of her and her hands pulling and twisting wires. She pushed her sleeve up revealing the tattoo and scar on her forearm, the true marks she had. The scar was from a fight, a blade slice which curved around at an angle.

Why send an underling to do the fun jobs, especially when there was sport to be had still on board? The clatter of a blaster was too alarming and could cause an overly abrupt end to this game and hand-to-hand was simply too tiring. Getting a good look at this man's face before damaging it more, however...? The blaster was clipped back in place and he swung himself down to the level below, the boots being notice enough of his intrusion. "Ahem. You're on my ship and I don't believe we've met. I think that's a little rude, don't you?" He waited cautiously for the well known 'hood' to turn from the task and make a proper acquaintance now.

Al remained still for a moment, one gloved hand clenching into a fist as she kept her head tipped down, grunting a little. She did it to 'scratch' her throat so she could help make her voice more low and deep, her alter ego wasn't known for speaking much and the reason was the less she spoke, the less likely anyone would notice her voice. "Not your ship." She about hissed as if she had trouble speaking at all.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He Told Me Not To Eat You

June 21, 2006
9:47 pm

Nearly a thousand years had passed and the child of darkness slumbered, absorbing the light as well as gathering power and strength. Her dreams were lucid and she was somehow aware yet apart from the world, nothing was real as vivid and fantasic images shifted through her mind. Sapphira was woken early from her sleep due to the unbalance caused by the forces that were released along with Alkonost. As if he'd known all along, he was there when she awoke and broke free of her encasement, Gil had been the last she'd seen as a babe, before being sent to 'sleep' and was the first she saw upon awakening. Her alliegence was immediately set to him, she saw him as greater than she was, and he took her 'home' where she remained with him for many years, in an alter dimension, during which only one year had passed on this realm.

Awakening early, caused disruption in her balance as she was not fully 'set' and should have remained in slumber for a time longer, but alas some things can not be changed. At first she was wild, a bit savage, and primal, driven soley by her hunger -Gil taught her about control, he civilized her somewhat and devised 'aides' to subdue and balance the darkness that remained in her. Gil became like a father to Sapphira through the years she spent with him, learning and being 'tamed', she became fiercely loyal and protective of the man.

She was curious and devoured the knowledge Gil shared like the meat of a meal when she was starving. After the initial adjustments, the time had passed quietly... the days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months faded into years.. time slipped by without grandeur or even much notice. Finally the time came for her to cross into this realm and learn what she could from the little that was left of man and continue her training 'in the field'.

The crossing itself was meant to be a simple matter, merely stepping through a portal with Gil, but how often do things remain simple? As Sapphira crossed into the void that spaced this realm from the other, a strange phenomenon occured, something called the Ripple... As the waves passed through to reorder events and prevent the destruction, Sapphira was hit and knocked askew with time and landed here on the eve of the summer soltice, one year before she was meant to enter. She was effected by the ripple as were the creatures of this realm, though not wiped clean much of her knowledge was sent askew and many things lost or confused. She 'misplaced' some of her civilized ways and a bit more of her savageness was returned.

All in all her landing was soft, a small pop of the air as if popping gum and she appeared in the dark, stumbling a step and immediately turning to look for Gil. There was nothing there, no trace of the portal, no Gil, and upon better observation the world looked nothing like it had been described.. it certainly did not look very decimated, her brow furrowed and she moved off to search the area for Gil.

Sapphira had not gone far, when she came upon another creature and what might be another portal, but there was still no sign of Gil. She was worried, for herself and for the man she considered a father, she was sure now that she had not ended up where she was intended to be. She remained in the shadows, keeping herself hidden, as she watched the creature, the man, silent and curious.. something about him reminded her of something, though she could not place what that was.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

More Real

June 21, 2007
Chicago, IL

The golf club fell from her hand with a thump on the carpeted floor of their living room, her brother was motionless on the floor. He wasn't breathing anymore, she'd just had to bash his head in with her father's golf club after he attacked her. He'd been crazed.. so had her mother.. just like so many others around them going instantly insane and becoming violent. She couldn't speak, there were no words for what she'd just had to do. Roger stood not far away, her mother's body on the floor across the room. She shook her head as he tried to tell her it was alright, holding up her hand and cringing away from the sound of those words. "No.. no it's not.." She whispered, backing away from her brother's body. The tears starting to slip silently down her cheeks. Delaney turned to head into the bathroom down the hall near her room.

She didn't know how long or how short of a time she'd been in the room or how she ended up where she was, huddled on her knees in the tub, sobbing. The shower was running, turned all the way up on the hot side, but she didn't even notice the scalding water pouring over her and making her skin beet red it stung and nearly whipped her with it's force and temperature, leaving welt like marks on her here and there where it hit bare skin, she was fully dressed still, hadn't even taken off her shoes.

Patrick hadn't heard from her, hadn't seen her, what was he to think? Delaney was either dead or in hiding. Whichever the case, he couldn't stay away, not knowing for sure. Expecting the scene he found in the living room, so similar to others he'd seen before the news stations went dark, what he didn't expect was Delaney's absence from it. Where was she? The hiss drew him through the rooms, one by one, following the sound and being leery of looters, or the merciful dispatchers still being within the otherwise-quiet home. Roger? His friend was also missing from the scene though that was hardly unexpected. When had he ever been there for her to help when he should? Patrick's thoughts reeled through the darkest of dark scenes envisioned before peering in each room as he passed, coming closer to the washroom and the source, the running water he now recognized though it sounded strange. The next scene was one that altered before he'd gotten so far as opening the door. It was opened for him... Roger! It was hardly worth the thought with the way the man lunged, covered in blood, acting before thinking... infected, Pat was certain! No, don't... were the last words Roger had said in that moment, the swing of the crowbar sinking the metal into soft flesh and scraping into bone underneath. He couldn't take the chance having seen the rest of the house and the blood on the man. He swung again.. and again. His friend, a companion for more than a dozen years, lay motionless. Pat slipped the covering from his face to breath and leaned against the wall, listening to the strangeness of the water in the shower. A voice, soft sobs... "Del?" He gasped for anything resembling air and pushed away from the wall, strangely exhilarated, charged yet cautious. He picked up the crow bar and moved into the washroom to find her in buckets of steam, folded against the pulsing stream. He reached in and shut the water down, first cooler, then softer, then off.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chaos & Mayhem

A ripple in time...

It may have been a matter of seconds or a matter of years. For whatever length, there has been a change in the series of events since the Uprising, a war of unprecedented carnage brought on from the depths of Hell. Mankind suffered unduly in this war and lost all but a few to remain stranded and alone in a world no longer their own. It wasn't supposed to be...

Some mothers have never had their children. Bonds of servitude and bonds of marriage have been severed as if they never existed. Most of mankind still sleeps soundly unaware of the dangers that lurk in the dark beyond their doors. This tranquility is thanks to the Powers-That-Be, though the reasons for such a grand-scale use of power have been lost to everyone... almost everyone.

Some beings have been 'awakened' to the events of the ripple itself and some recall disjointed and macabre details of the war that raged before it. Some now suffer unexplainable deju vu with no relief while others are comfortably unaware. Others still are uncomfortably afraid for no known reason and may never know why...

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