Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enchanted Forest x2

Here is a background I made for one of my blogs which I had planned to keep all for myself but then I changed my mind about doing the other blog.. I had it on this blog for a few days but it really wasn't what I wanted here, even though I liked it. So here is the background for anyone who might like to use it :)

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations Scrapkits: Enchanted by Milla Designs;
Decadence by Doris Castle

Here is another background I made using the same kits as the one above it has a totally different look and feel to it, I just love kits that you can do lots of things with and not just be the same thing over and over :)

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Enchanted Forest' by Milla Designs;
'Decadence' and 'Dreams' by Doris Castle
Other Elements from: various unknown sources

If anyone would like to use these on their site, please feel free to snag - just use the credits I provided below each preview.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Late night ramble

My back is feeling better today, and maybe by tomorrow I may be able to move around like a normal person. Woohoo! If so I will try the tredmill again without the yardwork. Thankfully it's raining so I have a good excuse to skip the yard work anyhow, hehe! I guess I have to work my way up to doing it all again. That makes me sad in some ways, I really used to just do whatever and I could, now I'm limited and I don't like it. I really really don't like it. I feel like I got old overnight, but I'm not that old and not too long ago I still felt like I was twenty! I want that feeling back. I'm determined to get that feeling back.. I'm chasing it along with my slimmer waist! I will have it!! *insert evil laughter here*

Yeah so it's almost 3am, I'm tired, yet wide awake. I have a slight headache and I really should be in bed or at least go to bed now that I realize the time.. buuuuut nooooooooo what am I doing? I'm sitting here babbling on my blog about nothing. I'm probably not even making sense if I'm even spelling words. I should not be allowed to type when I'm tired, weird things come out of my mind and off my fingertips.

Uhoh that was a biiig yawn, maybe if I sneak off to bed I'll actually get some sleep rather than just laying their wanting to fall asleep but being awake.. okay yeah I'm going to try that.

Nite all *hugs*

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mailbox stuff

I just wanted to share a few things I have made. On the rp site I co-own with Tripp, we have mailboxes, which are simply a thread where others can leave us messages and stuff. I have made banners for myself and a couple others on the site, two of which I am going to share now. The other two are kind of 'ac' so I'd have to share them on the Naughty Creations blog.

This one I made for Megs aka Lyric
Image Hosted by

and this one I made for Terri
Image Hosted by

Day or so late..

Okay so today is the 6th and I am here to post up what I did on the 4th! The curse of my blog, meaning to post something and getting distracted.. Anyway before I get distracted again I should probably tell you what it is I've been meaning to post about for almost two days.

On thursday I woke up feeling peppy and ready 'to go' so I got on the tredmill for a full 30 mins which is what was reccomended to start off with to get back into a fitness routine - start with walking 30 mins a day. So I got going at 1.5 mph and after a couple mins kicked it up to a nice 2.9 mph and a 3.0 incline, had my ipod - The Veronicas on the playlist and a walking I went. In the end I had gone 1.3 miles at a steady 3.o incline. Not a bad little walk for the first day. When I got off the tredmill I felt good, the workout was nice and didn't kill me, but more than that I felt really good at having done it. I had forgotten how thrilling something like that could be.. I can't believe I forgot that or how great I felt to get back on the proverbial horse. Hey it might have only been a small jaunt on the tredmill but it was a big step.. like the first step on my journey to have a waist again. It also inspired me to more..

Later in the afternoon after we had picked up our son from school and run a few errands, I embarked on a mission of yardwork.. I raked for almost two hours and dumped wheel barrow and numerous armloads of grass clippings into a big hole we're filling in. Then I helped clean up a bunch of other debris and old furniture from the back of the house, helped take the trash to the road that my hubby had kind of left building up behind the house and hadn't realized how much was there. I bet our trash collectors hated us the next day! I also helped my husband clean out his car, inside and the back - he has a bajah.

All of this was on top of helping to paint our son's room on Wed night! Our house is a fixer upper so we have all these projects to do and many started but getting them done? hah, thats a different story. But on Weds night Rick came home determined to work on that room, we got the painting all done, except a few touch ups. Now it's on to trimwork, flooring.. and finally decorating!

So.. I was quite the busy bee.. and on friday I was sooooooooooooo sore, I basically stayed in bed all day. Of course I didn't go to bed until like 4am or something so really it equalled staying in bed like 2 extra hours. Today I am feeling better, still pretty sore in my lower back though everything else is mostly back to normal. I may have to work on that 'doing things in moderation' concept. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aargh matey!

I'm popping in with my sore little fingers (from yardwork) to share this blog background I made. This one was created for a pirate rp blog I was thinking of doing. As said before I decided not to do all the different blogs. I have my writing (rp stuff) all on one site - and I was thinking of doing blogs for different ones but after some discussion with my main writing partner on those projects, we decided keeping it all in one spot was easier for us. Anyway... enough with the chatter and on to the background :) If anyone likes it and would like to use it, snag away!

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' by Doris Castle;
'Aged' by Twinky

Back with stats

I'm back again.. with my diet pepsi, my turkey sandwich, and my cup of madarin oranges. I'm trying to resist the bag of sour cream and onion chips. I swear they're taunting me.. no really that green bag is pure evil, I tell you! lol. I'm hoping I have reeled in my wandering brain enough to finish what I started before. This is the very.. hard post where I reveal my starting points and how far I have to go. ugh (dies of humiliation but I need to do this.) I am roughly 50- 60 lbs overweight, I carry the weight well so most people aren't aware of how much over I am and might not realize my measurements are what they are.

Start 9-04-08
Weight: About 185lbs (need a new scale)
Thighs: 23 1/2 in upper/thickest point
Waist: 42in at belly button
Hips: 41in
Chest: 38 1/2 in
Bust: 44in
Pant size: 16
Shirt: xl - 1xl

My goals are simple and I'm setting them in stages. The first is to lose 20lbs by the end of this year and at least be down 1-2 sizes in my clothes. There are 17 weeks left to the year and I have heard that losing 1-2lbs a week is the safest. At that rate if lose every week I'd lose 17-34lbs. That's why I set my goal at 20lbs so that way I am motivated to lose at least 1lbs a week and if I have a bad week it won't set me back as far or make me feel as bad. At least that makes sense to me.

My ultimate goal is to lose 60lbs and 12inches off my waist.
I'm not sure what the ratio of weight loss to inches and sizes are because I've never really looked into it or made that a part of what I was doing. It's something I will have to research and learn as I go.

Waistline Journey

Okay so this is my fitness entry for the day.. or one of them depending on how inspired I might get. Hahaha (she says). Basically this is a variation of something I tried before which worked good for me when I kept up with it. The simple version is just writing down when I exercise and what/how much I do, which I did before, keeping it in a little notebook I had. Doing that helped to encourage me to keep exercising and even do more because I would see what I had done and would challenge myself to 'top' in in some way. Sometimes that was doing and extra set of reps of a certain exercise or to go for longer on the tredmill.. it could be any number of things.

Point is that notebook was something tangible, I could look at it and see what I had done and feel like I had accomplished something. I know it may sound dumb but without it I would work out and not feel as good as when I worked out and wrote it down.. I suppose it was partly proof, something I could look at and say 'see I did something'. Yes, I admit my brain works in odd ways and some may say hey the workout itself is all they need or that it should be enough just to have done it. That might be very true for them, but for me... I need that 'something'. Maybe I'm needy and I need the pat on the back, even if it's myself giving it to me. Of course this might mean I'm slightly nuts, but I'm okay with that. I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit I am not the most normal person and I'm a spaz. I'm okay with that too.. It may have taken me a long time to be able to say that, but I can say it now, with a smile.. a real smile.

Alright already you might be saying, (if anyone is actually reading this..) just get to the point already lady! Well that's partly my problem, I ramble and wander and my brain goes off on me while I'm trying to do things and think and write.. sometimes it's tough being a 'chaotic thinker' but I manage. So right, back to the point.. I'm going to start recording my fitness woes and triumphs here in my blog, I may include diet/food stuff as well. For now I am definitely going to put down my workout and exercise stuff and general weight concerns, goals, achievements and issues.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is a tag I made last night, this one is for offer! If you like it and want to request one, please go here: TTG RE tag. (Rules for requesting are also listed there) I had some fun making this tag and though for awhile I messed around with different things, it didn't frustrate the crap out of me and I really like the way it came out. Anyway here is the tag.
From Lovely Creations

I used papers and elements from a tagger scrapkit ('This is me' by Helly) and a few elements from another full size scrapkit ('5 reasons I love you' by {Kasia}designs of Shabby Pickle Designs).


I'm back! This time with a tag to show off, this one I have not offered yet but I may at some point decide to. Of course I did just make it.. yesterday? yeah I think it was yesterday, I lose track so easy if I don't post right away. That is of course why so many things were left unposted and there was such a gap in posts for a time. I'm trying to do better.. I think maybe I am, sort of. Anyway.. back to the tag. I used one of my all time fave celebs for this one - Alyssa Milano. These pics seemed to go well with this new tagger scrap kit I purchased 'Hard Rock Mama' by Helly.
From Lovely Creations


Here is another background that I made, this one was originally meant for a blog I had planned to do, but as previously mentioned in other posts, too many blogs can be a bad thing. I really liked this background even though I did decide not to use it at this point and it's not my typical style or color preference. But I figure someone else may like it. Anyone who would like to use it can snag it.
From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' by Doris Castle;
'Aged' by Twinky

Monday, September 1, 2008

Something Blue

Here is another background that I made, This one has a dark blue scheme. If anyone would like to use it, they are more than welcome to :)

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' and 'Dreams' by Doris Castle

Purple & Grunge?

This is a blog background that I made a couple days ago. I was going to use it on the layouts blog but now have decided it's easier for me to keep track of stuff if I keep most of my creation stuff together. I do have a seperate blog for AC stuff I am trying to set up and there is such a thing as too many blogs, I guess. Anyway I am now offering the background to anyone who would like to use it for their blog.

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' by Doris Castle;
'Charmed Kit' by HE;


This is a variation of the earlier purple background I posted. I guess I must really love these two kits I used in making this since I've used one or the other (or both) in almost ever background I have made so far. Anyway.. if someone would like to use if for their blong, please feel free to snag it.

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' and 'Dreams' both by Doris Castle

This is another variation of the first purple background I made, this one was specifically designed with television shows I like in mind, such as Charmed, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. If anyone would like to use this, please feel free to snag it.

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: Decadence by Doris Castle;
Charmed Kit by HE