Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's cooler in the shadows pt2

Trailing her like her own shadow, he flowed back into darkness and moved along with her, not feeling her shivering cold in this state. His form melted and ran along the cracks and seams of the walkway and in and out of the lines between the crumbling bricks in the wall beside her, her own shadow with a constant companion. Kain wasn't convinced she'd destroyed what she came for and he had yet to get what he wanted. He tangled a shadowy foot into form near her own feet as if the cracked pavement were suddenly a bit higher than she'd thought. He only wanted to slow her, not send her headlong into the alley.

She stumbled a bit and swore under her breath, a soft growl coming out. Calder had been pretty wrapped up in her thoughts of disemboweling that jerk that she must have mistepped. "Pay attention!" She scolded herself and took a deep breath. "He was just a 'boy' and boys are nothing. He's nothing." She whispered, taking a deep breath and letting it out with a smile as her eyes glinted in their feline way.

Even in his distorted, disorienting formless presence, he understood the tone if not the words themselves. He sped up and flowed in front of her, against the angle of natural lighting that was growing more and more dim as the sun dropped below the horizon completely. She'd insulted him and kept him wanting - not a good thing. A few steps ahead, he stretched out to form himself into the 'boy' she'd walked away from, nearly six feet of boy made of muscle, spit and vinegar with a darkly smoking expression that was a sharp as he was suddenly solid and in her way.

She stopped in her tracks and stared as he suddenly formed again in front of her. The sharp expression cause her smile to fade into a pout as she stared up at him, since he had to be taller than she was. "What? Did you want the gum that's stuck to my shoe too?"

His head shook slowly. The turn of her lips into the pout was quite inviting. "Not all interested in your shoes, but still quite interested in what you still have in your pocket. The real disc, Calder. Perhaps... you might want to check it before you take it home, hm? Would hate to see the disappointment if it's not worth sharing."

"Men all they ever want is what's in your p..ockets.. Get your own. Maybe I do plan to check this out when I get home.. and who says I'm sharing? I might be perfectly selfish and keep it all for me." Her eyes danced and her lips curved into a not so sweet smirk.

"I am getting my own," he smirked back, his eyes flashing briefly before going dark again like the rest of him, melting away again to do as he'd threatened, traveling the darkened shadows to collect the toy he suspected was still in her pocket. No substance to him beyond shadow when he didn't want to be, he at first seemed to disappear completely, unseen, unfelt except that uncanny creeping feeling perhaps of being observed far too closely. Eyes were indeed in the shadows, in her pockets and checking until finding what he searched for. Reappearing behind her, he held up the disc. "I think you only had it half right... perfect... but I fully intend to share."

She felt an odd shiver crawl over her and her eyes narrowed, searching the shadows for where he might be. Her hand went to curl around the disk as he reappeared with it behind her. Her empty hand came out of her pocket as she turned around, looking from the disk to her hand and then to glare at his face. She growled softly, frustrated as much as curious and that kind of pissed her off that she wasn't just totally pissed off and wanting to rip this guy to shreds.. she was intrigued by him.. perhaps facinated if she'd stop being angry that he'd gotten her disk from her. Okay she was still an angry kitten and she lashed out with a clawed hand at his hand which held the disk.

"Ehhht... not yet... pet. Bad kitty gets no cream," he teased, pulling the disc just out of reach though his fingers felt the glancing blow of her scratching on the way. "Mmm... time for more of that later, too. Careful... some of us like those sorts of toys, too." He chuckled a little, watching her wind up more.

If her tail had been showing it would have been flicking like crazy. "I'm going to hurt you.. and I'm going to enjoy every second of it." She warned him as he got her fired up. "What's the matter.. can't get any on your own? Are you just not.. solid enough?"

His expression warmed more with amusement as he tilted his head just enough for her to see the mirror-like gleam in his eyes again. "Solid enough to keep you occupied for hours. Keep making me promises like that and it could even be days."

"Mm sorry baby but you just don't get me hot and not even that disk could get me excited enough to want you.. I'm sure most of your dates don't talk or move.. even the ones you don't have to tie down to keep in the room." She lunged at him again, trying to find some solid piece of him to rip off.

She lunged and his other hand reached out to grab and tangle her. He chuckled again, keeping the disc just out of reach, but close enough like a carrot for this slippery rabbit... or cat. "No, they don't talk but there's far more entertaining reasons for that, pet. And quite on the contrary... those who like to be tied are the ones I keep. The others are weak and boring."

"Then give me my disk and be on your way.. I'd never let you.." She felt him tangling around her and if he was solid enough to do that then.. She flashed a sweet smile and twisted into him where he tangled, attempting to bite him.

"Interesting that you don't care for what's on the disc yet you seem to want it... ," he paused as her teeth met his arm and his concentration shifted, letting her gnash through to her own tongue as he melted away again to darkness. He was tiring but not enough to give up such an entertaining fight.

She felt her teeth hit her tongue and she gasped at the sudden pain, angry and riled now she spit the copper taste in the genral direction she thought he'd melted into. "Because it's mine." She hissed, her eyes shifting as she turned to try to find him again, though he had the disk now and was probably running off with it.

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