Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not that way pt3

He sucked down the rest of the lit cigarette in a couple long drags before they reached the door, arm in arm and comfortable by the time he reached to open it. The small butt remaining was ground out against a brick and held carefully in his palm. Littering carried nearly as high a fine as the smoking did, but from the looks of the bobbing and slinking shadows beyond the door, there wasn't much concern for either one here. A rough cut haze hung jaggedly from the ceiling, melting in front of ineffective fans that seemed only to move the smell around, but not keep the place cooler. Dark, heavy music pounded beneath the floor and a few drinks still spilled across the bar although last call would have been over a few hours. It was the private party now. He leaned down to give her any hope of hearing him and feeling the gently affectionate nibble at her ear. "Nothing to fear but fear itself," he muttered, hoping she would understand in a minute.

Her eyes closed briefly at the voice and breath on her ear, the nibble sent a pleasant chill over her. Her fingers curled where her hand rested, her arm around him -he wasn't making it hard to 'pretend' that she really liked him. Vara gave a small nod, her eyes drifting out very briefly to take in their surroundings. The music was felt from the floor and carried up through her, she wondered if this was a place he came regularly -he seemed familiar with it.

He stepped forward, keeping her close. The crowd seemed to shy away from them easily, his eyes flaring gently in warning to let them pass. Rase headed toward the bar, looking for someone in particular. "Joe... Joey?! Get yerass out here." He looked around and behind them, not seeing the man right away.

Any conversation that began with that was (usually) either old friends or trouble. Vara wasn't sure which would be better in this case and just stayed close to Raser. She kept her gaze lowered as not to irritate those around her who might not be comfortable with a stranger observing them, but she was still well aware of people's movements.

Someone came out from the crowd, hopping over the bar to stand in front of them. He looked barely old enough to be in a place like this on one side of his face, but the scars on the other, and the implants, prized silvered lenses staring blankly from the heavily art-styled profile, indicated he was probably much older, or just very lucky so far. He seemed to be peeled off the very walls of the place and pulling them deeper in. "You're late, Rase. Whaddya get me for Christmas? I've been reaaaally good this year." He smiled luridly, metal capped canines shining sharply as he looked over Vara. "Ohhh.. you really shouldn't have."

"Not for you, Joe." He looked at Vara, trying to remind her not to be afraid. "She's with me. It's her birthday... sweet sixteen," he teased.

Joe stood back and looked at them both, disappointed, but curious. He gave Rase a more curious glance. "You buyin'?"

Her head tilted as her gaze swept over Joe -her artist's eye was very interested by the way he looked. She felt a spark of inspiration as he smiled, though she shifted slightly closer to Raser, her fingers playing over his chest lightly. She even giggled very softly to his teasing, her eyes lighting up as she turned to look at him, curling into his shoulder a bit more.

"Told you, she's with me." His arm curled tighter around her as she snuggled closer. "Are we clear? Oh, and Santa's gonna be a little late. One of his elves was very naughty." He giggled, himself, giving Vara a wink.

Joe looked more disappointed still and watched Vara more closely. The smile spread slowly and his gaze flicked back to the shaved man. "Happy Birthday!" He nodded, slapping the countertop. He pointed a black painted finger in Rase's face. "Wait here, don't move, and if you let her go, it's my Birthday tonight." He bounced away the way he'd come, over the counter and into the crowd.

If this was just an act, why did she like it so much when Raser's arm curled tighter, his laugh and wink making her give a genuine smile in return. The interaction between the two men brought questions to mind of what it was all about, but she left them unasked -at least for now. All but one, that is. "You're not going to let me go.. right?" Her lips twitched a little and she looked over his face. For all she really knew -he was luring her in so he could sell her off or trade her for something he really wanted. At least she had a trick or two of her own that would help her if that was the case.

Two glasses appeared on the counter, set down by a blur of hands almost too fast to see. The shimmer of someone scuttling back and forth fogged the view of the bottles along the wall, but it was clear the drinks were set down for them. "You're going to want that," he muttered, close again to Vara's ear, taking the moment to enjoy that closeness and nibble again, lingering to let her enjoy it too.

She leaned into the nibble a little this time, curling to return it with a tiny nip to his neck. "Why is that?" She asked softly, the tip of her tongue teasing over the small pinch she'd just inflicted on his neck.

"Slot shuttles pack a hard punch. Better if you're relaxed first," he whispered over her skin, enjoying the tickling tingle as it passed over his lips and tongue more sweetly than the drink on the counter. The ride he'd spoken of was a risky venture on a good day. Slot shuttles, magnetically propelled and braked tube buses had replaced the old railed subways. They were put out of commission and lost to obscurity as quickly as they'd been put in use, buried beneath red tape and political shuffling about accidents, and still buried beneath the city's feet, used now by runners and others who wanted to bypass checkpoints. Connections meant more than they once did.. and Rase had just secured theirs.

She lifted her head from the teasing and stared at him a moment -he was serious. Her eyebrow arched slightly and she bit her lip, stifling a nervous chuckle. "ah.. well then.. I better not." She gently shifted her glass closer to him -if he wanted it. Her arm dropped from his shoulders though her leg curled around his -keeping them comfortably tangled. She reached into an inner pocket of her jacket and pulled out a small bottle -it looked like the ones tattoo suppliers had used for thier ink -before most of the shops went with the rest of the city. "How soon?" She swirled the dark liquid in the bottle a little as she eyed him.

Concern flashed briefly through his expression as she refused the drink and reached to her jacket again. Sudden moves were gauged carefully, his hand at the ready, but the flask wasn't what he was expecting her to produce, especially one that looked like ink. His hand dropped to the leg she'd rustled against his. If she was still acting.. she was doing a damned good job. "Long as it takes for them to deal with sectors 9 and 14 to leave us a hole to break through. About a half hour, fifteen minutes if the boys are bored. What did you have in mind?"

She bit her lip and giggled softly, her leg curled higher, shifting under his hand and she shrugged. "Just trying to gauge when to drink this.. my reaction to it... let's just say I could be very very relaxed after.." Her smile seemed a little shy, like the sweet girl who was just aching to be naughty. She pulled the top from the bottle and let a few drops of the thick dark blue ink pool on her fingers, indigo was her favorite 'flavor'. Her hand lifted to her mouth and a bit of the ink smeared her lips as she licked the rest from her fingers. Her eyes fluttering as she enjoyed the small taste.

The blue-black stained her lips a little, enhancing the pout as it darkened. He'd never seen anyone drink the stuff before, but everyone had a poison of preference. The flutter of her enjoyment of the liquid made him want to taste her more, the tingle, touched with that had to be sweet. His fingers curled around her leg, holding her where she was as he sought another kiss. "I can't say I'm relaxed right now," he smirked... nor that he was just acting this part.

Her head tipped so her gaze met his, her eyes flaring softly with the color and effect of the ink. Her lips curled a little, her tongue pulling the rest of the ink from her lips, though a stain was left from it, her free hand curled up around the back of his neck. This bottle happened to be one of her 'best vintages' so it took only a little to get her revved up -which is why she had it with her, in case of emergency break glass. She chuckled at the thought as she arched up to meet his kiss with her own hungry mouth. The ink acted on many levels for her depending on how much she took. This was like an aphrodisiac for her, sending pleasant sensations through her, the right amounts and she had to be careful -another reason she didn't bother with men. Her girls helped her by keeping her in when she got all fired up with the stuff.

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