Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Salvage pt3

"Staying or going, lad?" Nance watched Corvid, expecting him to follow the skirts. He had an oar out ready to take to water again, keeping the other stirring lightly to keep them alongside the Opal as the second girl was assisted. "Not much left except getting a good look at what we pulled up." He cast a look up at the slip of black clothing as it and the girl were helped onto the deck above, only meant to tease the boy, but it was also the truth. There weren't many items left to retrieve.

Treasure looked out over to the 'salvage' that was happening and then to what survivors were still alive. "Two more brought aboard and two tossed back to Jones.. These two are standing on their own so that is far better than the others." She nodded to the women and then to the rest of the group which she unfortunately didn't think would make it long. "We have our articles but little good an oath will do them if it's broken or the punishment that would follow.. The one that is wounded, take her to Nance's quarters, I trust him to protect her and not take advantage of her weakened state. The one in black to be taken to the empty cabin next to his, Octavia to guard the doors for now and we'll finish this business and figure out what to do with them. The rest.. if they last long enough for us to sail again will be dealt with accordingly." She looked over at Will, for the first time a bit of worry in her eyes at to how the crew would deal with two attractive guests on board.

He was eager to assist the girls and ensure that their safety was paramount, but he was certain the Captain would ensure it, being a woman herself. He sighed, torn but agreeable. "They're not going anywhere. The rest of that haul is another story. Let's go."

Nance chuckled and tugged the ropes for the others to know they were done and would be back with more soon. They pushed off toward the wreckage again that was more and more dispersed. "I think she likes you," he said in confidence and sincerity. "Her friend seems to like no one except her knife." He thought about that and the blade at his back, wondering if that were true.

Will mulled over the orders and agreed that for now that seemed the best course, though he was curious about assigning the one to Nance. His questions would wait for later. Getting them sat down was priority, wherever they were to be sat. "Aye captain. Ladies, come with me please." He offered them each a hand, or arm if they needed steadying. No leering gesture met them, only the kind nod of a nearly innocent young man.

Vic grinned though he didn't blush. He could only hope the man was right, though he had his own insight to offer. "Maybe yours likes carving wood," he said of the other girl with a smirk, having heard their whispers with his keen ears. "You let her hold on, she's returning the favor, hah?"

Denied with the shake of his head and a chuckle, "What would I do with 'er? She's got a refinement about her no seafarer should chance to gather for himself - pirate or otherwise. No, I don't think so, Vic, but she is a sight to look on." Nance wasn't denying that at all. He'd met only a few in his travels with hair so dark and features so ... he did sigh and gave the thought more consideration.

It would be some time before they were in port again to let her off and getting her back to her home could take years.

"You believe she does? She's a widow, Nance," he asked about the girl in black. Could she like him or was she simply grateful?

Corvid's next question broke that reverie and he gave the boy a looking over. He was eager and ernest in the question. "As her rescuer," Nance nodded and cautioned but he couldn't help but stoke the coals a little. "I could see a little glimmer of attraction in the tip of her smile. As a widower, her heart is likely out there in the wreckage, but bring -that- in for salvage and aye, I think you just might get to keep it." A moment later the laugh couldn't be contained any longer. "Just row, boy. Stroke what y'need when you get back on board."

Josette offered a faint smile for Will when he came to escort them wherever they were being taken, he seemed kind and wasn't leering. "Thank you." She said softly with a slight curtsy and took his offer of an arm, gently. She was soaked still and moving the the dress was a bit difficult even with it shorn from her rescue under the water.

The dark haired woman arched her eyebrow and her jaw tightened as she felt the sting of the cut. "So be it." She replied, stepping to walk beside him but not accepting his arm or his hand. He seemed almost sweet and it nearly made her smile. "Thank you." She added politely not wanting to be rude or ungrateful for his kindness or that of the captain.

Octavia had her orders to guard the women, help them out of their drenched clothes, and help find them suitable coverings to wear while their dresses were dried and repaired if they could be. She came up near Will and the women, hands folded behind her back. "Mister Turner.. I'm at your service."

"Are you? Thank you for the warning," Will stated quietly, leaning to whisper teasingly. "I don't see any squid about, but I'll be sure to alert you the moment I do. Per the captain, take that one to Nance's cabin and mind her scratch. The other, keep with you in yours and away from the rails. I'm not sure she's injured but the moment she's caught her breath, she may not be so tame."

Vic laughed and the sound sailed out ahead of them. "What you need and what I want went on board ahead of us. You can bet there'll be stroking sir, but not on any oar," he said, perhaps dreaming, but if the man was right, they'd see to having their hands full of something much softer than that.

Nance considered the boy's words more deeply than his own. It had been some time since any woman had twisted his thoughts, or his hands, in any semblance of desire. Strange that it would happen now. He leaned back into the pull of the oars, only to be reminded of the blade in his belt pulling against his waist. He straigthened himself up before being cut or bruised, but nonetheless aware of it as he'd been of her leaning against him moments before. The conversation quieted as he distracted himself with pulling the few last pieces of water-logged slag from the dwindling supply that was taking on more and dropping down further from view into the waves and ripples around them.

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