Sunday, September 7, 2008

Late night ramble

My back is feeling better today, and maybe by tomorrow I may be able to move around like a normal person. Woohoo! If so I will try the tredmill again without the yardwork. Thankfully it's raining so I have a good excuse to skip the yard work anyhow, hehe! I guess I have to work my way up to doing it all again. That makes me sad in some ways, I really used to just do whatever and I could, now I'm limited and I don't like it. I really really don't like it. I feel like I got old overnight, but I'm not that old and not too long ago I still felt like I was twenty! I want that feeling back. I'm determined to get that feeling back.. I'm chasing it along with my slimmer waist! I will have it!! *insert evil laughter here*

Yeah so it's almost 3am, I'm tired, yet wide awake. I have a slight headache and I really should be in bed or at least go to bed now that I realize the time.. buuuuut nooooooooo what am I doing? I'm sitting here babbling on my blog about nothing. I'm probably not even making sense if I'm even spelling words. I should not be allowed to type when I'm tired, weird things come out of my mind and off my fingertips.

Uhoh that was a biiig yawn, maybe if I sneak off to bed I'll actually get some sleep rather than just laying their wanting to fall asleep but being awake.. okay yeah I'm going to try that.

Nite all *hugs*

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