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The world is not as it once was
In the year 2035, although it shines, there is little the sun can do anymore to brighten and warm the cities and streets below her where corruption is king and its majesty rules every step, every word and every thought. The once-free American territories are in a police state, martial law deciding the closing bells and last trains in and out of the decaying central hubs where any still run. Merciless patrols haunt every major sector, funneling people between areas like cattle around razor wire and electric walls, while enormous video monitors blare every line of once-private information to the huddled crowds as a warning - birth, age, lineage, full description in holographic perfection and a reason to remember to be afraid. Unregistered mutants would be found and put to use - or put to death of unable to be controlled. Everyone is checked - and checked again. Being found in the masses while trying to cross unchecked or unregistered was instant imprisonment and likely death - after a long interrogation and process of well-documented punishment. Hidden mutants knew other hidden mutants.. and so it would go.

The war has done this.

Over the past ten years, each of the government factions controlled their share of mutants throughout the war, but somewhere, all people's freedoms were lost. Communication is owned by the government and monitored relentlessly. Occassional messages do get through, but anything traceable and recordable is traced and kept - transmittor beware. The justice system only serves those who are paid by it though the prisons are faulty and overly full and more than enough crime continues unchecked against the populace. Putting up a good show now that the war has ended, at least as far as the broadcasts to the world would have everyone believe, the papers, the telecasts and radio murmurrings all declare the state of a new Victory Nation though within the state, smaller scale in the streets and pubs that still operate, the war continues, human to mutant, man to man, mutants amongst themselves...

The working world and how the world works...

Once familiar and friendly corporations now register only contempt. These corporations have devoured one another until only a dozen or so control all that's left worth controlling - power, transportation, communication, food, medicine... the worst and the largest being the two that control medicine. Even childbirth is monitored - any child needing a license to enter the world and any parent a license to keep it and ensure that its care and upbringing would include announcing any mutant status, resulting in relinquishing the child to the police. All the while, the corporations control the pictures and stores sent out to the world, maintaining the image of a shining, properous, bustling city life though the reality is far from that. Ambassadors from these corporations are held in the same regard as their political counterparts and smile like sharks as they circle the world affairs groups with hollow tales of a nation at peace and harmony, though many still live in fear and agony, depending on faceless friends and treacherous neighbors to help them find a new way back to freedom again.

And so the underground continues to rumble...

A 400-year-old story repeats itself again. Welcome to the new city of Boston, and welcome to its underground. The war here is not the one started between politicians and corporations over land deals and dollar contracts. What is fought here is fought not with mutants but by mutants in a city within the city, where factions with their own means seek to free their mutant brethren from torment and persecution. One faction is a stealthy organization that wears no face, the Coalition, and another that faces all with the challenge for what is right and reasonable in a new society, the Rising. And here is where our story lies...

A change in the map:

A large portion of habitible world was lost in the wake of the fighting as well. Whether it was two sides, three or four - whichever and whomever you believed - the war had ended the same. Bridges lost, dams destroyed, vast areas flooded and others left to bake and decay in desert heat, isolation became more and more prevalent as infrastructure was nearly if not completely destroyed, severing ties between many states if they hadn't willingly sealed themselves off already.

Terrakinetics altered seizmic activity, prolonging natural quakes and creating their own, leaving the Pacific Northwest a crumbling shell of steaming, molten and inhospitable formations that have been retaken by spiritual factions as a new holy land.

Much of the central mountain ranges have to be remapped since the quakes. Some peaks have been razed while others lifted, and rivers have made new paths, new lakes and a treacherous passage for the common traveler due to the still-shifting landscape.

Hydrokinetics and Meteos were made to use their gifts to alter the coastline, leaving the gulf states nothing more than nearly unnavigable swamp, though some high areas are held as prize territorial islands, each owned independently and kept carefully guarded as tiny city-states unto themselves, most taken by the Caribbean, Cayman, Haitian and other island nations - their people otherwise left homeless as their own islands were pushed under the sea.

California caught fire and still burns after ten years. Pyrokinetics and Aerokinetics started with what nature provided, sweeping the desert coast and charring the landscape. Already short of water and overly populated, along with their own quakes and floods, the land here has been expended, used up and laid waste, that wasteland continuing on through the Nevada and Arizona deserts wherever the sea hasn't risen up and made way for new beaches.

Friend or foe...?

With political boundaries now blurred at best, parties no longer control the system where personal alignment toward causes now does. There is not a distinct characteristic that binds any individual to their cause, but the media believes as they always have that the populace can be categorized by their level of support toward an idea or campaign. When asked their stance, their alignment, these are the most common responses from anyone who would dare speak openly:
- mutant sympathizer - aids mutants, doesn't harm them, believes in a peaceful co-existence, may work with them or be one herself, most likely to be involved in support campaigns for mutant equality-

mutant supremecist - works with mutants extensively, believes they are better than humans, believes mutants should reign and place humans into a lower class level, more likely to be mutant herself but could be human, most likely to be involved in directing or carrying out campaigns and initiatives for mutant control-

neutral - no alignment toward mutant or human, not likely to fight either side, may stay in hiding from other humans and other mutants but will aid either in need, not likely to be in any campaign, most likely to be a public figure or member of a service industry-

human sympathizer - fears mutants, is not likely to harm them personally but may surrender them to someone who will, avoids dealings with mutants or fully ignores them, not likely to work with or near them or aid them when in need, most likely to be an administrative aid to the police or local government-

human supremecist - works with humans extensively, believes they are better than mutants, believes humans should reign and place mutants into a lower class level, more likely to be human herself but could be mutant in some cases, most likely to be a government or military official, mega-conglomerate corporate officer or scientific researcher.


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