Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He Told Me Not To Eat You

June 21, 2006
9:47 pm

Nearly a thousand years had passed and the child of darkness slumbered, absorbing the light as well as gathering power and strength. Her dreams were lucid and she was somehow aware yet apart from the world, nothing was real as vivid and fantasic images shifted through her mind. Sapphira was woken early from her sleep due to the unbalance caused by the forces that were released along with Alkonost. As if he'd known all along, he was there when she awoke and broke free of her encasement, Gil had been the last she'd seen as a babe, before being sent to 'sleep' and was the first she saw upon awakening. Her alliegence was immediately set to him, she saw him as greater than she was, and he took her 'home' where she remained with him for many years, in an alter dimension, during which only one year had passed on this realm.

Awakening early, caused disruption in her balance as she was not fully 'set' and should have remained in slumber for a time longer, but alas some things can not be changed. At first she was wild, a bit savage, and primal, driven soley by her hunger -Gil taught her about control, he civilized her somewhat and devised 'aides' to subdue and balance the darkness that remained in her. Gil became like a father to Sapphira through the years she spent with him, learning and being 'tamed', she became fiercely loyal and protective of the man.

She was curious and devoured the knowledge Gil shared like the meat of a meal when she was starving. After the initial adjustments, the time had passed quietly... the days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months faded into years.. time slipped by without grandeur or even much notice. Finally the time came for her to cross into this realm and learn what she could from the little that was left of man and continue her training 'in the field'.

The crossing itself was meant to be a simple matter, merely stepping through a portal with Gil, but how often do things remain simple? As Sapphira crossed into the void that spaced this realm from the other, a strange phenomenon occured, something called the Ripple... As the waves passed through to reorder events and prevent the destruction, Sapphira was hit and knocked askew with time and landed here on the eve of the summer soltice, one year before she was meant to enter. She was effected by the ripple as were the creatures of this realm, though not wiped clean much of her knowledge was sent askew and many things lost or confused. She 'misplaced' some of her civilized ways and a bit more of her savageness was returned.

All in all her landing was soft, a small pop of the air as if popping gum and she appeared in the dark, stumbling a step and immediately turning to look for Gil. There was nothing there, no trace of the portal, no Gil, and upon better observation the world looked nothing like it had been described.. it certainly did not look very decimated, her brow furrowed and she moved off to search the area for Gil.

Sapphira had not gone far, when she came upon another creature and what might be another portal, but there was still no sign of Gil. She was worried, for herself and for the man she considered a father, she was sure now that she had not ended up where she was intended to be. She remained in the shadows, keeping herself hidden, as she watched the creature, the man, silent and curious.. something about him reminded her of something, though she could not place what that was.

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