Friday, August 21, 2009


Here is another layout I made tonight. This time I used HezaScraps Flowery Fields kit.
It's kind of simple, I didn't use a lot of embelishments on it. The simplicity of it is what makes it pretty.. Well that and the colors.. Some great color in this kit!
If anyone wants to use it, snag it and upload to your own photohost and please use the credits I provided below the preview. Thank you!

From Lovely Tripp N Layouts

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkit: Periwinkle Tea by HezaScraps
The kit can be purchased HERE

Here is a second version of this same layout, with just a little more to it. There is only a small difference between this one and the one above. When I saved the first one I forgot I had one layer closed so it wasn't visible. I realized it after and couldn't decide which version I liked more, since they were so close. I ended up saving this next one as an alternate version of the first. Please use the same credits as above if you want to use it.

From Lovely Tripp N Layouts

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