Thursday, August 6, 2009


So yeah... I keep meaning to post things and I think about it and even intend or plan on it and then just never get my lazy butt over here to do it. My poor blog is so neglected, but then again half my life is - I always mean to do things and just don't. like Christmas cards and school pictures. I always mean to send them but never do. It's a bad way to be and I really need to change it.. the only thing is.. how? How to you even begin with something like that? I mean it's tough when you always intend to do something and then don't.. I'm not sure there is a twelve step program for that. Hmm maybe this is the first step, always meaning to come write something here, even if it's lame.. but actually being here now.. it's something right? Maybe.. I have come here before and posted with the intention of making it something I do more often but then I don't get back here for a loooong time. Though I have recently accomplished some pretty amazing things - well amazing in my little life anyway. This could be the start of something new or maybe it's the same old story.. only time will tell I suppose.

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