Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams

The first layout I am going to post is one I made on the 13th, I got it up into my galleries but never got it posted here. That was the night I was scrapping away and then looked at the clock and went 'oh crap!' (oops) I tend to do that alot, being a night owl and all but on that night I needed to sleep since I had plans the next day with Rick's mom and grammie.

I made this layout using a kit called "Symphony" by Kiki Halbert at The papers in this kit are really neat, a couple of them gave me the feel of being in a dream which is how I came up with the idea of using pictures of Mikey sleeping for the layout. There are lots of cool elements as you can see some of them in this layout. I tried to do something different rather than just a picture in a frame with this one. I like to try different things, sometimes they turn out really good and sometimes they don't. I think this one turned out pretty neat! Once I get my scanner hooked up, I will definitely want to make more layouts with this kit so I can use more of what is in it.
Scrap kit: Symphony by Kiki Halbert at

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