Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy Day Rambling

My husband had the day off from work and so it was my busy day as I call it, when we run around all day and I don't get on my computer till 'late'. I admit I am a bit of a computer junkie, I like to spend my free time here, relaxing by chatting with friends, checking emails, writing, or playing in PSP. My computer is really my one vice, I don't smoke, gamble, rarely drink, etc.. my one escape from the drone of everyday life is this machine and my internet connection. I suppose there are worse things I could do with my time. Anyway back to my little ramble here (did I mention my mind wanders mid thought sometimes?) all about my day.. We started out with breakfast, went to McD's and got to show off our puppy (my puppy!). Her name is Nibbles and she is ten weeks old, she was my anniversary present from my husband. I am totally in love with this little dog, she is the sweetest thing. After breakfast we came back home to do yard work and my husband got to be all manly and use a chain saw, I'm sure it made him feel special and I got to tease him for it :) This is because while he got to be mr chain saw, I got to be miss haul the branches off to the pile. I was the grunt worker so he deserved all the teasing he got, which really wasn't much. We then spent a nice bit of the afternoon sitting under a tree, talking and enjoying the weather. As much as he sometimes drives me crazy, my husband is my best friend. He's someone I can usually, totally be myself around. He loves me when I'm being a spaz, he loves me when I'm b*tchy, though I'm sure he doesn't like me too much when I am. It goes both ways, you know? Anyhow, back to my nice little story... We spent part of our afternoon under the tree in the front yard, talking.. We went over our bills and budget and didn't fight -go us! Not that we fight about money all the time, but money is a big conflict and issue with alot of couples, so good for us for making it part of an enjoyable afternoon instead. After deciding that we were going to curb our spending and not blow money on frivolous stuff for awhile... we went down to the store and spent ten dollars on drinks and candy... then realized it and laughed at ourselves. We're not perfect. We picked up our son after school and then it was homework and playtime -outside again. We had some good family fun, some exercise, and then headed over to my father in law's house for a little cook out. The kids played, the grown ups talked and laughed, my husband's step mother gave the boys hair cuts. So finally at 7:30pm I got to come home and visit my computer, though with how full the day was it really felt like it flew by. Nibbles was exhausted, we took her everywhere with us today. I got my computer time in around the chaos of trying to get settled for the night and get things ready for tomorrow.. which mostly I was the supervisor. I got in a post earlier with a tag I'd made and I did some writing on my rp site, chatted with friends, I actually did a few small things on myspace, and I made another tag. Plus being here now rambling on and boring the pants off you. I showed a friend a 'trick' in PSP, something I learned the other day, and since we are both self taught/teaching when it comes to our psp, I had to share it with her. Now for anyone who knows what they are doing in psp, this is probably a little thing but for me it was new and the first time I'd used such an effect. So like I said once I knew how to do it, I shared with my friend and then made a tag with the two tubes I had open while showing her. This was online so I was doing the steps in my window and typing them to her so she could do it.. and it worked :). Funny thing is, when I made my tag -I didn't use the effect.

Soooooooooo without further ado, here is the tag I made:
In creating this tag I used pieces of the scrap kit: Fling My Spring by Wendy Page of Haunted Pixels. Everything else came from various group shares.

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