Sunday, August 24, 2008

For the fun of it :)

Many of the tags I have made in the past few months have been ones that were created for challenges or games in the celeb psp group that I often mention here. I love the challenges from that group because for one they are fun and for two they help to keep or get the creative juices flowing so to speak. They are great practice for me as I am learning all this psp stuff on my own. The tuts sometimes aggravate me but it's all good, even when I don't complete a tut in full I usually walk away with some new skill, tool, or trick I have learned from it.

Now and then though, I like to take a step away from the challenges and 'have to do this' of tags and just play. You know just opening up the psp and 'grabbing' a bunch of pics, tubes, scrap kits, etc and going at it. Well that's exactly what I did tonight after I made the So Pink tag of my earlier post. I was like, eh I have had enough of this challenge stuff and I need to just go off in a random direction. So I opened up this kit called 5 Reasons I Love You from {Kasia}designs of Shabby Pickle Designs. It's an awesome kit and I totally recommend it for the versatility it has. I made both of the tags displayed in this post with this kit. And if you take a look at them, they have a different look and feel to each, though of course there are some similarities. Of course being made by the same person, on the same evening, back to back, and using pics of the same people in both tags.. but besides that, you might not even be able to tell that the same kit is used in both. I did add a couple of odds and ends elements I had in the top tag, but really it is only two things that came from outside the kit, the rest.. well you get the point.
It's late, I'm starting to ramble, repeat myself and my mind is wandering off so for now I think I will sign off and go to bed. Maybe if my brain works and all tomorrow I will post some more of my stuff.. not that anyone is reading this but I keep myself company. It's like talking to myself only lots of people blog so they don't think I'm as strange as they would if they walked into the house and caught me actually talking to myself lol!! Yeah and on that note, sweet dreams to anyone who happens to stop by and take a peek at this :)

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