Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The monster grows...

{{Copied from my layout blog, I decided to just keep it all here in one spot}}

Well it appears I have been inspired by the work of the very talented people I rub shoulders with or their blogs which I have passed through. I have now created two blog backgrounds/layouts. The first was a try to see if I could do one and the second was one I started messing around with and then shared with a friend who liked it enough to put it on their blog! To me that is the ultimate compliment, to have made something and to see it being used by someone who truly enjoys and appreciates it.

It all began with an idea.. that idea was for me to create my own background/layout for one of my blogs because the site I was getting my premade ones from didn't have one that suited that blog good enough. So I gave it a try and it worked.. I made a decent layout, not for the blog I was looking for one to suit, but just a basic layout to see if I could do it. Then I started playing with another, I had to leave before I was finished (or so I thought) and when I came home I shared the layout I was working on with a friend. She liked it so much, I added a couple of finishing touches and gave it to her for her blog... This is where the creative monster inside me reared it's head and decided that my pitiful little talent was going to branch out into creating blog layouts.. and while we're at it, if we can do those why not real scrap pages/layouts? You see where this is heading? The monster is hungry and it has made me stay up late again (it's near 4am here) and now it's made me create this blog to test my new layouts and also to share them. Because you see to truly test them.. properly that is, the blog can't be empty. Sometimes the monster makes sense and that is when it scares me the most...

This first example is the very first background I tried my hand at, it's not super fancy but I think it's cute in it's way. I used a scrap kit from Sentimental Style called My Inspiration. If anyone would like to use this background for your blog, feel free to save a copy and do so. The only thing I ask is that you do not claim it as your own creation.
From Lovely Creations
For this second background I used papers and elements from the following two scrap kits: Cinzia Loosemore 'Urban Grunge' and Carrie Stephens 'Savannah Sophisticate'. This one is a small size example and is not open for people to use (sorry). I've decided that it's an 'exclusive' for my friend's blog and I'm not going to offer it to anyone else. I guess you could call that a perk of being my friend although I did tell her she had to give my blog lots of love and leave comments about how great I am. lol! (What? So I'm insecure and need lots of reassurance, we all have our issues, lol)
From Lovely Creations

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