Monday, August 25, 2008

New Look!

Alrighty, I have once again played with my blog and made it look different. Hopefully nicer/prettier than it was, not that it was bad before, it's just all spruced up now. Once again I got the wonderful background from the ever so talented Shels Scraps.

I was looking at my header and thinking I needed a new one cause it got blurry when I resized it and then I was like well if I'm going to make a new header let me get a background first so I can at least match the colors up some. So I picked this one, which was really hard cause there are many really awesome backgrounds there. I like this one and it gave me even more of an excuse to make a new header. And man that was a chore -not really-. It came together surprisingly well and much more quickly than I thought it would. I am very pleased with the result too, which as I am often my own worst critic, it says alot when I actually smile and get all happy about something I made.

For this header I used artwork from the amazing Jennifer Janesko which I purchased from CILM. This 'gal' happens to be one of my favorites from Janesko, I think I could make a hundred pieces with her and not get sick of looking at or working with her. I suppose that makes her an excellent choice for my header since I'll have to see it alot. Along with this great artwork I used an awesome scrap kit from Nadya's scraps (She has some great kits on her site). The kit I used is called Love You.

I also tweaked the font colors a bit, and altered the style of my cbox to try and coordinate with the background, hopefully it works well and doesn't kill anyone's eyes. I switched up the order of things in the sidebar, hopefully that looks better than what I had before and not worse, lol!

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