Thursday, August 28, 2008

More than just an entertaining choice pt1

July 22, 1740
follows: Salvage

Venge approached the Captain warily. He'd not been on board long and certainly others on her crew were more deserving of 'sharing', but he'd got in his mind that the girl couldn't be shared. She was a widow afterall, not a toy, although some manner of playing was certainly on his mind and Nance's jibes hadn't helped. "If I may, Captain... a word, please?" He announced himself quietly knowing his voice carried easily and tried to keep it toned to mutters on the matter.

Treasure turned to the man addressing her and her eyebrow arched, he hadn't been aboard long and didn't usually ask for anything really. "Yes, Corvid. What is it?"

His head bowed, a little from wondering if he was pestering her unnecessarily. "If it's a trouble, then I'll be on my way, but the girl, the widow. I'd like to see her."

"No trouble." She answered, though now she was curious, he was asking after one of the women they'd brought on board earlier that day. "You would, would you? Why would you want to do that and why should I allow you to?" A half smile curved her lips up as she awaited his reply.

He shrugged and straightened up now, one hand behind his back, the other resting on his rapier as he locked her gaze squarely with his own. "Better to have the Captain's permission than not? I'd hate to think I was disobeying an order especially when one's not been given. Being a widow, m'am, I thought she might like some company," he said, the twitch of a grin appearing.

Treasure stared back, unfaltering and understanding that he wasn't asking to join the girl for tea. She was teetering on just saying yes, go, have at her.. but being a woman herself... Corvid had saved the girl. "Very well, but you and only you. She's not to be passed around to the crew.. and you are to ensure that no one else entertains her as such or sees fit to force their company upon her. Understood?"

"Not forcing and no, I wouldn't dream of it," he agreed, his hand running absently over the hilt as he did dream of a few other things instead. "Likely to be too tired to be passed," he muttered, though he was likely heard.

She assumed by his answer that he understood by taking the girl as his, he'd be responsible for keeping the other men away from her, should any of them decide to cross that line. "Well then I shall bid you a good evening." Treasure almost smiled as she dismissed him to go entertain.

"It shall be, m'am, it shall be," he agreed, turning on his heel to find her and determine for himself if Nance was right. Even if he wasn't, the girl was now his and his alone.. He considered that as he ventured below to Octavia's cabin, pounding heartily upon the door.

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