Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soothe Me

July 22, 1740
follows Treasure's exit from: More than just an entertaining choice

After her brief talk with Corvid, Treasure didn't go right to her cabin or searching the ship to find Will. Her concerns were what they were and she was troubled more deeply than she cared to admit. So she did something she usually found to be soothing, though she wasn't sure what would soothe her at the moment. She leaned on a rail at the aft of the ship, watching as the water sprayed out to the sides and behind the Opal, churning a bit in her wake. Treasure breathed in deeply the salty air and the scent of the sea, looking to the calm clear sky and asking silently for guidance and strength.

Will came up from behind her, wary of a sudden turn with a blade - her stance spoke of her being ill at ease, tense and distracted. He gazed out to the surf where she did and the horizon beyond, wondering if what she saw was out there or inward in her thoughts. He spoke gently, trying not to pry further than he'd be allowed. "The captain shouldn't turn a back to a crew she doesn't trust. Or is that all that's concerning you?" He looked to her eyes then back to the water. "Is she answering you... Calypso...? She's out there, you know. Be careful what you wish of her or her sisters in the clouds and sky."

She sighed and waved back toward the rest of the ship. "You're right ... about the crew.. and being troubled.. and maybe she did answer me.." She shook her head, her gaze fixed on the water behind them. "I was asking for guidance and strength.. and they sent me you." She spoke softly, turning to look at him and offering a slight smile. "I didn't wish for anything, so does that mean I don't have to be careful about you?"

He chuckled and his eyes shone from the compliments. "No, you absolutely need to be careful around me. Those rumors," he paused, taking the salty air in a deep breath through clenched teeth as he tried to step back from those thoughts, but not from her. With the crew busy to themselves for the moment, the rare chance here on deck to bestow those thoughts openly was too tempting to ignore. "So why should I ignore it?" He murmured aloud, reaching his hand to her cheek, brushing his fingers back to hold her hair from her eyes in the wind. "Strength and guidance, is it? So your conscience wears tall boots now?"

"Rumors are a terrible thing to waste.." She started but fell quiet as he reached for her, her eyes slipping closed and her face turning into the touch of his hand a little. Her eyes opened and she brought her gaze up to his. "Maybe, I know the keeper of my heart does.." She felt the warmth rise in her cheeks and she bit her lip to hide the tremble there. She was afraid he would pull away from her or turn away or tell her she was a fool to be falling for him, maybe he'd tell he just didn't feel the same.

He stowed the information she uttered into a close promise to attend shortly. "You'll have to remind its keeper to keep it well and safe," he grinned briefly, but his eyes were darkened with concern for the rest of her thoughts. "Troubles begging for strength you can't handle alone are troubles you need to share. What or who is this about?" His fingers stayed a moment before brushing beneath her chin... indecision to pull her closer until he knew what distracted her.

She decided for him, one kiss.. one lingering delightful kiss and she'd tell him all that was troubling her. First she need to feel his lips against hers, the tickle of the hair from his upper lip, his warmth, the solid muscle of his chest and arms.. she needed it.. "You're right again." She smiled and nodded that she would tell him but first.. Her eyes closed as she leaned up to indulge in that one, so coveted kiss.

"You say I'm right? Captain...?" Will felt the sweetness in the kiss and the layer of sadness that made it strangely bitter. His thumb stayed and swept her cheek. "You are troubled, aren't you?" His gaze searched for the source of the concern in her eyes, seeing only clouds of worry shining back. "Perhaps you wish to go below?"

His pressence, his touch, the very idea of him was soothing to her even if it did not erase her worries about other things. "I am.." She sighed, feeling the sweep of his thumb and turning her face to kiss his palm as she reached up to place her hand over his. "I do, Will.." She murmured softly, curling her hand around his more firmly. She was reluctant to let go of him or move from the tender touch against her cheek but she slowly shifted to take the first step in going below.

It was tempting to mistake her reaction as one beyond worry, one more steeped in fear, but what could or would she be so afraid of on her own ship? They'd had their discussions about the others, but this was different, deeper seeded. His hand clasped hers back gently but he let her lead the way to her cabin while her voice rang in whispers in his close memory, what she had yet to say lingering loudly in its absence.

She led to her cabin -their cabin really as she shared it with him now, keeping him close in pressence and confidence as the others whispered rumors about what was happening between them. It had been their plan to allow the rumors as it would help them both but she didn't care as much for the talk as she did for the man she was getting to know better and growing closer to each night they passed together. She closed and locked the door behind them once they were inside and she let out a small sigh, leaning against the doors for a moment. "It is weak to want a moment.. one moment to be held and for someone to tell me all will be well and they will keep me safe? Does it make me less to have that moment of feminine longing?"

That kind of trouble took him a little by surprise. Will's jaw laxed, words failing him as he chewed air, looking for a response that had nothing to do with the reassurance he was planning on as much as encouragement, or lack of it if the answer she was truly looking for was one meant to deter her "longing" as she'd put it. He pulled a chair to sit upon, but didn't sit yet, using it more to lean. "That is no weakness. The captain chooses moments for reasons best known only to the captain... and decides what those moments call for," he started carefully after a deep breath. His fingers curled around the chair. "If she has something of dire urgence to discuss privately with the first mate, then she makes it so."

What she'd truly wanted and needed was for him to fufill that longing and gap the distance between them, but she hadn't directly asked him to -so how could she fault him for not knowing? Treasure sighed and pushed herself off the doors and turned to walk across the cabin, not heading to him but to the table and a glass for rum. "The Captain needs rum and to stop being such a girl and having moments where she forgets that's what she is... the Captain of this ship and nothing else."

It was rare that he missed his mark so dearly as he had this time, but his aim was best not used on people when he was unarmed. Then again, when dealing with women and honesty, he was used to those who bluffed. The bluff was called though she'd told him outright. Why hadn't he been listening to her voice and words instead of hearing somewhere the cheat of her father, or some underlying intent? Words of reassurance were necessary now. His hands tightened on the chair, taking all his strength to keep it to the floor and not fling it aside and grab her to keep her from the table. "She's wrong," he said over his shoulder as she moved. "She is not just a girl, and she is not weak. She is a captain, yes, but she is so much more, so many things. She is also flesh and blood, full of fire and spirit. She is dangerous and dark, but loyal and strong..," he said, turning to come stand behind her as he spoke of the very things she said she'd seen in him, those things that drew him closer to her as well. Stopping short of touching her, his hand stayed near her hair and her shoulder. "And she has a request that I have no place to deny or deter her from.. we have an accord, Treasure."

The glass she'd started to pour never made it to her lips as she listened to what he said and felt as well as heard him come up behind her. The bottle was corked and the glass slowly set back down on the table. "Is that so?" She asked softly, feeling how he held back from touching her. "Then why do you keep holding back? Are you afraid of what might happen if you give in? Of what you might feel if you stopped holding yourself so tightly coiled?"

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