Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day or so late..

Okay so today is the 6th and I am here to post up what I did on the 4th! The curse of my blog, meaning to post something and getting distracted.. Anyway before I get distracted again I should probably tell you what it is I've been meaning to post about for almost two days.

On thursday I woke up feeling peppy and ready 'to go' so I got on the tredmill for a full 30 mins which is what was reccomended to start off with to get back into a fitness routine - start with walking 30 mins a day. So I got going at 1.5 mph and after a couple mins kicked it up to a nice 2.9 mph and a 3.0 incline, had my ipod - The Veronicas on the playlist and a walking I went. In the end I had gone 1.3 miles at a steady 3.o incline. Not a bad little walk for the first day. When I got off the tredmill I felt good, the workout was nice and didn't kill me, but more than that I felt really good at having done it. I had forgotten how thrilling something like that could be.. I can't believe I forgot that or how great I felt to get back on the proverbial horse. Hey it might have only been a small jaunt on the tredmill but it was a big step.. like the first step on my journey to have a waist again. It also inspired me to more..

Later in the afternoon after we had picked up our son from school and run a few errands, I embarked on a mission of yardwork.. I raked for almost two hours and dumped wheel barrow and numerous armloads of grass clippings into a big hole we're filling in. Then I helped clean up a bunch of other debris and old furniture from the back of the house, helped take the trash to the road that my hubby had kind of left building up behind the house and hadn't realized how much was there. I bet our trash collectors hated us the next day! I also helped my husband clean out his car, inside and the back - he has a bajah.

All of this was on top of helping to paint our son's room on Wed night! Our house is a fixer upper so we have all these projects to do and many started but getting them done? hah, thats a different story. But on Weds night Rick came home determined to work on that room, we got the painting all done, except a few touch ups. Now it's on to trimwork, flooring.. and finally decorating!

So.. I was quite the busy bee.. and on friday I was sooooooooooooo sore, I basically stayed in bed all day. Of course I didn't go to bed until like 4am or something so really it equalled staying in bed like 2 extra hours. Today I am feeling better, still pretty sore in my lower back though everything else is mostly back to normal. I may have to work on that 'doing things in moderation' concept. :)

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