Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aargh matey!

I'm popping in with my sore little fingers (from yardwork) to share this blog background I made. This one was created for a pirate rp blog I was thinking of doing. As said before I decided not to do all the different blogs. I have my writing (rp stuff) all on one site - and I was thinking of doing blogs for different ones but after some discussion with my main writing partner on those projects, we decided keeping it all in one spot was easier for us. Anyway... enough with the chatter and on to the background :) If anyone likes it and would like to use it, snag away!

From Lovely Creations

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkits: 'Decadence' by Doris Castle;
'Aged' by Twinky

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