Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waistline Journey

Okay so this is my fitness entry for the day.. or one of them depending on how inspired I might get. Hahaha (she says). Basically this is a variation of something I tried before which worked good for me when I kept up with it. The simple version is just writing down when I exercise and what/how much I do, which I did before, keeping it in a little notebook I had. Doing that helped to encourage me to keep exercising and even do more because I would see what I had done and would challenge myself to 'top' in in some way. Sometimes that was doing and extra set of reps of a certain exercise or to go for longer on the tredmill.. it could be any number of things.

Point is that notebook was something tangible, I could look at it and see what I had done and feel like I had accomplished something. I know it may sound dumb but without it I would work out and not feel as good as when I worked out and wrote it down.. I suppose it was partly proof, something I could look at and say 'see I did something'. Yes, I admit my brain works in odd ways and some may say hey the workout itself is all they need or that it should be enough just to have done it. That might be very true for them, but for me... I need that 'something'. Maybe I'm needy and I need the pat on the back, even if it's myself giving it to me. Of course this might mean I'm slightly nuts, but I'm okay with that. I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit I am not the most normal person and I'm a spaz. I'm okay with that too.. It may have taken me a long time to be able to say that, but I can say it now, with a smile.. a real smile.

Alright already you might be saying, (if anyone is actually reading this..) just get to the point already lady! Well that's partly my problem, I ramble and wander and my brain goes off on me while I'm trying to do things and think and write.. sometimes it's tough being a 'chaotic thinker' but I manage. So right, back to the point.. I'm going to start recording my fitness woes and triumphs here in my blog, I may include diet/food stuff as well. For now I am definitely going to put down my workout and exercise stuff and general weight concerns, goals, achievements and issues.

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