Monday, August 31, 2009

Wound up!!

Oh gosh, I soooooo need to get my butt to bed and it's not happening. I'm too bouncey! We had a big day of shopping for school clothes for my son, who is very happy with what he got this year. He had a little more say in what he wanted than in previous years when he mostly had to take what we got him. But he is 11 now and he knows what he likes and what he won't wear. He already got all his other school supplies earlier in the week, which his Nana and a very generous friend got him. He ended up with a back pack stuffed full of school supplies! Lucky kid - hehe! I snapped some pictures when we went to show off his new clothes to Nana, which I'll be using in layouts soon.

As if that's not enough.. I get home and check my email to find out I was accepted as a CT for Totally Sweet Designs! I was wicked excited over this.. as I had applied for their team and wasn't sure they'd want me, with so many talented people out there. They picked me! *Squeals* and five other folks :) Congrats to everyone else who was accepted! I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with such talented designers and other ct members.

So.. I'm all hyped about this and I come on over here to grab my blog link for their database and woah - I have a message from Gothic Inspirations (Jessica Woods Creations) about her CT.. if you are not familiar with her work - omg! go to her blog and get familiar! For Real - I mean it.. go!

It's hard not to smile.. I was already on the CTs for The Urban Fairy, HezaScraps, and Designs by Cindi.. all talented ladies with great kits - of course I danced in my chair as I got on each of their CTs - I just didn't make it public! Oh darn, I think I just did. hehe.. Okay so now everyone knows how much of a dork I am. Oh well - it's worth it to be given the chance to work with all these awesome designers. I made my first real scrap layout with a kit by The Urban Fairy, I wrote my very first tutorial with a kit from Designs by Cindi, and did my first blog layout/header for someone else with HezaScraps.. for her blog. THANK YOU to all of you for thinking my tags, tuts, and layouts are worthy of your CTs. I am honored and thrilled beyond words to be on each and every one!

Anyway.. (if you're still here reading..) at this point I'm literally bouncing out of my chair with excitement!! Seriously - my husband was like what are you doing over there? He had to later tell me to stop making my happy face... hey - these are the things that make me happy. I'm not hard to please, just give me something shiny, pat me on the head, and tell me I rock! hehehehe! Okay back to my story.. double CT awesomeness whammy!! I'm all giddy and stuff :) We know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow! Heck it is tomorrow and I'd be playing in psp right now if it wasn't 4am. I really need to get some sleep...

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