Monday, August 31, 2009

Wild Thing

Okaaaay.. so I made this tag last week and ran the script for it, but totally forgot to send it out to my always list or for offer.. der! I had to run out with my husband for dinner right after the script finished and I totally spaced it when I got home and since. I've been kinda super busy and tired, I guess more than I realized. I just ran a script on this tag again to add in the names of folks who have signed up since last week and the tag is uploading to my fotki now. I only realized my over sight today when I went to run the script for another tag I made! It just clicked as I was clicking.. I'm not a scatterbrain - I'm just a chaotic thinker :) I used a kit called Eclipse from Urban Fairytales.

Anyway, here is the tag - hopefully they like it.

To Request:

If you would like to request this tag,

Please go to my ERL site here
* My ERL may contain tags which are SAC - AC *

Offer Expires:

10 p.m. Eastern / GMT-5

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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