Friday, November 6, 2009

Found - New Tag :)

Wow.. so I have been sitting here with this window open for like.. ohh 2 hrs? Yeah, story of my life - wheeeee! Distracty-ville.. this is where I live and when I'm a little tired I tend to wander off it thoughts and to other things, while trying to do many things at once. I usually don't get much of anything done when I am like this. Like right now for example, I am trying to make a tag, trying to post one here, checking my email, and cooking dinner.. yeah good luck with that, huh? I may get this post done eventually, lol. Actually you'll be glad to know I'm almost done rambling.

My whole reason for posting was to show off a tag I made the other night, I got distracted (as usual) that night and never made it here to post the tag.. if I had a dime for everytime I wandered - I'd be burried in them! Alright so on with the tag - woot! I made this one using a scrapkit called Heartless by Naughty Creations. The tag was inspired by a set of characters Tripp and I write in our rp stories. And below you will find the tag.. I really like how it turned out.

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