Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Surprise - a new tag!

I know.. shocking! hahaha! I'm still a little tired and run down but I feel much more like myself and like I am finally getting over the worst. It helps that me and the hubby are not fighting constantly.. which we were for a couple of weeks and that sort of drove me into the 'funk' I couldn't shake. It happens when people get stressed and we've worked out the issues - compromise is good :) Anyhow I have been creating more and feeling better.. and I'm popping in to show of a tag I made last night. I got distracted by other stuff and never made it here to show it off - bad girl! (lol) So this one was made with a kit called I Love Goth by Naughty Creations. Well the kit had lots of pink and I love pink! The tube seemed to go so perfect with this kit, it sort of made itself :)

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