Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New blog!

Sooo, this is my new blog, isn't it pretty? Heh, no cause I haven't put anything on it yet to make it beautiful! Hopefully that will even work when I get to it. I made the header at the top, thats a start and who know when and what I will add to spruce it up. It will be done as I get ideas and inspiration to do so.

Now what am I doing here, besides rambling and boring you to tears? Well I am here to ramble and bore you to tears lol! For those passing by as well as those who know me and are peeking in to see what's here: I have a hobby of making tags or sig-tags, banners, and such with my PSP X, this blog is intended to display my work and maybe even talk about it some, it's also a way to be updated about me and what's going on in my life.

I'll tell you though, I honestly don't know how much I'll 'talk' here, I've never been too good with this kind of writing. As a teenager and young adult, every journal I tried to keep would be started and forgotten or doodled in and pages filled with collages of images cut from magazines. I was just never good at expressing myself with words in that manner, talking about me. For some reason I was better able to express myself and work through my feelings by using images. That's probably why I enjoy making tags and such in psp.

The strange thing is I love to write. I have written poetry, even had a few published, I've written some short stories and I rp alot -I am addicted to my characters and worlds. All made up of course, so I guess when it comes to 'pretend' I do alright with writing. I do not consider myself a great author by any means, I just enjoy doing it and so I do it. I run my own writing site along with my writing partner of five years. I will be putting a link to that site, somewhere over there in the side column.

Alright now is where we run into difficulties, I started out strong and then just pfffffffffftt! My mind wandered off in the middle and if I try to keep going now, I will just ramble even worse!!
So I guess I'll end here and come back again when my brain is back on this or onto a different topic to write about.

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