Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blink Blink

I havent posted much for a couple weeks, because as stated several times, I am not so good with keeping up with the posting. I always mean to and then I wander off. Sheesh I need to glue my fingers to this keyboard and blog! Anyway..

I added some blinkies to the side bar to add some sparkle to this place as well as link to some great blogs/sites I luv. I'm addicted to scraps and use them in almost every tag I make so many of the Links with blinks will be to scrap stuff ot tagger goodies. I don't have nearly all the talented folks I admire linked yet but I will continue to add to that section as I collect their blinkies. I won't have room to add everyone, there are sooo many talented people out there, but I will try to add a bunch and my most often visited and used.

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